19 August 2010

Minimalist album covers

From: Fubiz
Date: 29/07/10

Not sure that these are truly 'minimalist' but they do reduce famous artwork down to a number of particularly stylised elements. A bit of fun really that, like Astrid Stavro's more typographical work [referenced yesterday], makes its point to an audience familiar with the original. Some obviously work better than others although I am currently less entertained by the pastiche-y referencing of popular culture icons as old film posters/vintage Penguin titles/what-have-you than I would have been six months ago. But these do still have a charm.

"Dans la continuité de Films Posters, un bel hommage à la musique avec cette série de 20 pochettes d’albums par l’artiste Ty Lettau. Une version minimaliste des grands classiques comme celles de Nirvana, Coldplay, AC/DC ou Radiohead. A découvrir en images dans la suite."

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