31 August 2010

The Vinyl Factory Group mission

A lot of the ideas I've been touching on in the report regarding the importance of collectability to physical formats and the potential benefits to digital releases is summed up succinctly by The Vinyl Factory Group. Known for their lavish box sets and stunning artwork [including the previously referenced Monkey: Journey From The East and Hot Chip's One Life Stand], the company has a manifesto flagged under the title 'music is art'.

"The music domain is increasingly polarized. On one end we have digital, on the other end specially crafted editions, where music becomes art, because music is art.

Music is a physical experience. The Vinyl Factory embraces this and helps crystalize music into unique spaces and products, through a unique process.

Products that take the shape of finely crafted limited edition box sets, as the ones produced for The Pet Shop Boys or Damon Albarn. Vinyl + Digital editions that marry music and art.

Spaces like the VF Galleries in Soho, Berlin and up and coming NY.

The Vinyl Factory through its label, is also changing the way music is funded and produced. It’s getting professional investors and fans to empower their favourite artists with the funding necessary to materialize their projects.

The Vinyl Factory understands that music is art and should be treated as such."

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