23 October 2012

Michael Mayer - Mantasy artwork by Wolfgang Voigt

Link: Kompakt

The long awaited album by, Kompakt boss, Michael Mayer has just been released - a whole eight years since his Touch long-player. The artwork for Mantasy - as it is titled - has been created by Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt; an individual known for making his own music while operating under guises such as Mike Ink, Centrifugal Force and Gas.

Incorporating collaged vintage details, it relies on the kind of glitchy digital manipulation that was previously seen on Voigt's 'For The Love of God' release. Additionally, two deluxe vinyl editions have been made available that both rework the cover art as a repeat pattern on a 35" x 35" silk scarf. The two available options are 'Golden Cherub' and 'Blue Cherub'. For those less flamboyant fans, it is also available on CD and download.


22 October 2012

Trevino - 'Tactical Manoeuvre EP' by Jeroen Erosie

Link: Erosie
Link: 3024
Link: Marcus Intalex/Trevino

The latest on Martyn and Erosie's 3024 label features another wonderful sleeve from the latter. Trevino's new EP actually boasts an aesthetic that is both a continuation of earlier releases on the label (with its glimpses of Jacques Greene's 'Ready EP') and also a break from earlier imagery (with that more angular composition).

Trevino, by the way, is Manchester-based producer/DJ Marcus Intalex: a man better known for his drum & bass exploits who employs this alter ego for his techno-oriented output. Assumedly then delivering the kind of recordings that require a sharp-edged visualization.


19 October 2012

Peter Gabriel - So box set by Marc Bessant

Link: Marc Bessant 
Link: Peter Gabriel 

It seems that anniversary editions and deluxe box sets are everywhere - with many recent cash-ins seemingly testing that definition of "classic". However, Peter Gabriel's fifth studio album (that contained, huge international hit, 'Sledgehammer' and Kate Bush collaboration 'Don't Give Up') has now been remastered as a timely reminder of its enduring qualities.

With its multiple vinyl, CD and download content alongside a 60 page case-bound book, the Marc Bessant-designed So 25 set additionally demonstrates Gabriel's commitment to work that is beautifully realised. And its the attention to detail - particularly the subtle embossed icons - that make this a worthy follow-up to Bessant's sumptuous packaging for the artist's Scratch My Back long-player.