25 April 2011

Josef Albers for Command Records

Bauhaus-associated artist, educator, typographer, poet and writer Josef Albers also created a number of album sleeves for Command Records between 1959 and 1961. They include these beautiful examples:

12 April 2011

Releases by Jamie Woon

Coming through Polydor, the artwork from Burial-produced Brit School alumni Jamie Woon has taken influence from the title of, his album, Mirrorwriting. The latest in this type-oriented set comes as part of Record Store Day when Woon's 'Lady Luck' is made available as a limited edition picture disc.

It's out April 16th - alongside a whole raft of exclusives that include a remastered blue vinyl issue of the Art of Noise's influential 'Into Battle With...EP', a Bibio and Clark split single that prompts the first use of the classic purple Warp sleeve in four years, a new Mark Farrow-designed Deconstruction offering and a delicious Toddla T feat. Roisin Murphy 'Cherry Picking' 12".

11 April 2011

Work by Andy Gilmore

Having already created imaged for Gold Panda and Africa Hitech, Andy Gilmore is perhaps the go-to guy for lovingly-crafted tessellated artwork. He additionally produces complex Spirograph-like images, but it's these more angular works and their tasty colour palettes that have grabbed my attention most. More can be seen at his site: http://crowquills.com/

[By the way, a copy of the Africa Hitech album - which is due out in May - actually arrived the day after I posted this.]