31 October 2011

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - 'Garden' by Big Active

Link: Big Active
Link: Maurizio Anzeri

A track that has really done the rounds having previously been released in different forms on Greco-Roman and Play It Down, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs' 'Garden' has cropped up all over the place including its re-emergence as the soundtrack to the latest Nokia advert. This may be due to a major label push/its re-issue through Polydor.

Artwork for the latter incarnation (top image) is by Big Active with the art direction and design handled by Mat Maitland, photography by Stephanie Sian Smith and embroidery added by Susie Cowie. I haven't seen any mention of Maurizio Anzeri as being attached to the concept despite the artist's embroidered photographs (bottom image) being what could only be described as "rather similar".

30 October 2011

Coverscaping: Discovering Album Aesthetics by Asbjorn Gronstad and Oyvind Vagnes

Currently I'm reading Coverscaping: Discovering Album Aesthetics by Asbjorn Gronstad and Oyvind Vagnes - a book that's a truly critical study of album artwork.

As its authors note, many publications about sleeves tend to be of the coffee table variety but this has got some real academic depth. Personally, I always liked Adrian Shaughnessy's introductory text within Intro's Sampler series of books. This takes some of those sorts of discussions further while also delving into a whole range of other ideas about audio-visual relations.

Amazon link: Coverscaping: Discovering Album Aesthetics

Massimiliano Pagliara - Focus For Infinity by Doeller & Satter

Link: Doeller & Satter

Massimiliano Pagliara:
Focus For Infinity
Live At Robert Johnson Records
Record Sleeve, CD Packaging

29 October 2011

Andy Votel prints

I last posted something about Andy Votel when his work graced Demdike Stare's Tryptych. More often found rummaging through weird old vinyl, he has seemingly put some time aside to dig through his own visual archives and has subsequently got together a series of prints that are now available from illustrator Stanley Chow's print shop.

See them, plus work by Chow and Barney Ibbotson, via the link:
The Stanley Chow Print Shop

10 October 2011

Massive Attack vs Burial - 'Four Walls/Paradise Circus'

From: VF Editions

Massive Attack vs Burial - 'Four Walls / Paradise Circus'

Inhale Gold / The Vinyl Factory
£ 25

The subject of prolonged rumour and intense speculation, Inhale Gold and The Vinyl Factory are proud to present Massive Attack’s long awaited collaboration with Burial, Four Walls / Paradise Circus.

These new Burial mixes of previously unreleased Massive Attack track 'Four Walls' and Heligoland favourite 'Paradise Circus' are available exclusively as limited vinyl edition of only 1000 copies worldwide.

Pressed on heavyweight 180g 12” vinyl housed in a stunning, hand numbered, gold glitter screen-printed sleeve designed by Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja (3D), this edition has been crafted by The Vinyl Factory, and is sure to become a highly coveted collectors item.

As you’d expect from these two acts these are no ordinary remixes and Burial has completely rebuilt both tracks in his own unique style providing a masterclass in production. Listen to 'Four Walls' here.

At around 12 minutes each, both 'Four Walls' and 'Paradise Circus' have been given the time and space to evolve and develop going way beyond the scope of normal remixes, with the end result two highly original, in every sense of the word, pieces of music.

Product Details:

* Both tracks exclusive to this limited edition
* 1000 copies worldwide
* Artwork by Robert Del Naja
* Screen-printed cover with gold glitter
* 180-gram heavyweight vinyl
* Each edition hand numbered

8 October 2011

Creating music samples with vinyl records by Ishac Bertran

From: Ishback

Analog Vinyl Sampling from Ishac Bertran on Vimeo.

"Music sampling has been done for years using different techniques. Currently samplers (either as a piece of hardware or as software) is the most extended tool for playing samples that can come from digital formatted music, live recording, vinyls or tapes. One of the most old techniques for sampling was cut&paste the audio tape. I love this video from Delia Derbyshire using reel-to-reel recording, creating loops by cut&pasting the audio tape, and sync the samples to create music.

Driven by my devotion for vinyls and analog processes (perhaps a bit of Dj wannabe too), and emulating the audio tape cut&paste technique, I tried to make the vinyl sampling a bit more analog – literally cut and paste pieces of vinyl to create samples.

I bought some second hand vinyl records, different music styles: Supertramp, Wagner, Paul Anka, Chicago, Lil Jon and some random ones to make the first tests. I spend a couple of hours browsing and listening to old records – I remember thinking “all projects should start like this”."

Full details of the project at the above link.