18 December 2012

'Dalston Fried Chicken' from MarkJames_Works and Unbox Industries

Link: Mark James_Works
Link: Unbox Industries

Inspired by hazy late night visits to fast food outlets, Dalston is six inches of finger lickin’ fried chicken presented in vinyl. Delivered in a hand screen printed box, and limited to 200 pieces. 

DFC also comes with a deep fried orange 7” single featuring a brand new track, 'Chicken Rhythm' by Gareth Goddard, (Cherrystones)

Also available will be a limited edition screen print and T-shirt. 

17 December 2012

Autechre - Exai by The Designers Republic

Link: The Designers Republic
Link: Autechre
Link: Warp

Exai is the 11th album from Rob Brown and Sean Booth
Released March 2013

17 tracks - 2 hours 32 seconds

- Deluxe Vinyl Edition
- Compact Disc
- High Quality Download

Made in The Designers Republic™ 

Deluxe Vinyl Edition

  • 4 x heavyweight 180gram vinyl, each disc packed in its own printed inner sleeve.
  • Housed in a rigid slipcase wrapped in Cairn Eco Kraft stock with clear foil block to front.
  • Includes Download code redeemable at Bleep.com

CD Edition
  • 2 x cd, each packed in its own printed cd wallet.
  • Housed in a CD slipcase made from Cairn Eco Kraft stock with clear foil block to front.

Included free with all Vinyl & CD orders on Bleep.com

  • Your choice of 16bit / 44.1kHz or 24bit / 44.1kHz WAV version of the album
  • Plus a 320kbps LAME encoded MP3 version of the album for your portable player
  • These digital versions will be available to download direct from Bleep.com on day of release

Preordering now.

7 November 2012

The Shee - Murmurations by Lillias Kinsman-Blake

Link: Full story at Computer Arts
Link: Lillias Kinsman-Blake

...Every copy of the album is itself unique. All 2000 of the CDs they've shipped have different patterns of starlings in flight on their covers.
"The conventional method for CD covers is lithographic printing but the flexibility of digital printing made it feasible for each cover to be different," says Kinsman-Blake...

2 November 2012

Karenn/The Analogue Cops - 'Studio 3/OCPLX1' by Give Up Art and Shaun Bloodworth

Link: Give Up Art
Link: Shaun Bloodworth
Link: The Green Series
Link: Bleep.com

Following up 2009's North/South/East/West project, Bleep.com has again collaborated with the formidable team of, design company, Give Up Art and, photographer, Shaun Bloodworth. Again fusing artwork and music, 'The Green Series' has made its pre-order debut with a split techno-oriented single from Karenn (a.k.a. producers Pariah and Blawan) and The Analogue Cops (Marieu and Lucretio).

The standard version for this release is already pretty special - with its die-cut sleeve, embossing and hand-stamped details - yet there is additionally a numbered deluxe edition that additionally comes with two high quality art prints signed by Bloodworth. Both versions include MP3 versions that will be delivered on, release date, 19th November. Neither are going to be around for long: the pressing is limited to 100 copies of the deluxe vinyl available and a further 500 of the standard version.

23 October 2012

Michael Mayer - Mantasy artwork by Wolfgang Voigt

Link: Kompakt

The long awaited album by, Kompakt boss, Michael Mayer has just been released - a whole eight years since his Touch long-player. The artwork for Mantasy - as it is titled - has been created by Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt; an individual known for making his own music while operating under guises such as Mike Ink, Centrifugal Force and Gas.

Incorporating collaged vintage details, it relies on the kind of glitchy digital manipulation that was previously seen on Voigt's 'For The Love of God' release. Additionally, two deluxe vinyl editions have been made available that both rework the cover art as a repeat pattern on a 35" x 35" silk scarf. The two available options are 'Golden Cherub' and 'Blue Cherub'. For those less flamboyant fans, it is also available on CD and download.


22 October 2012

Trevino - 'Tactical Manoeuvre EP' by Jeroen Erosie

Link: Erosie
Link: 3024
Link: Marcus Intalex/Trevino

The latest on Martyn and Erosie's 3024 label features another wonderful sleeve from the latter. Trevino's new EP actually boasts an aesthetic that is both a continuation of earlier releases on the label (with its glimpses of Jacques Greene's 'Ready EP') and also a break from earlier imagery (with that more angular composition).

Trevino, by the way, is Manchester-based producer/DJ Marcus Intalex: a man better known for his drum & bass exploits who employs this alter ego for his techno-oriented output. Assumedly then delivering the kind of recordings that require a sharp-edged visualization.


19 October 2012

Peter Gabriel - So box set by Marc Bessant

Link: Marc Bessant 
Link: Peter Gabriel 

It seems that anniversary editions and deluxe box sets are everywhere - with many recent cash-ins seemingly testing that definition of "classic". However, Peter Gabriel's fifth studio album (that contained, huge international hit, 'Sledgehammer' and Kate Bush collaboration 'Don't Give Up') has now been remastered as a timely reminder of its enduring qualities.

With its multiple vinyl, CD and download content alongside a 60 page case-bound book, the Marc Bessant-designed So 25 set additionally demonstrates Gabriel's commitment to work that is beautifully realised. And its the attention to detail - particularly the subtle embossed icons - that make this a worthy follow-up to Bessant's sumptuous packaging for the artist's Scratch My Back long-player.

25 September 2012

18 Years of Rinse - Give Up Art

Leading up to Rinse FM's 18th birthday, a series of videos have been put together with individuals/associates reflecting on their relationship with the radio station (and its record label). This instalment features Give Up Art: the brilliantly inventive studio that has come to define Rinse's visual communication.

5 September 2012

Mala In Cuba artwork by &A&K and Teddy Fitzhugh

Link: &A&K
Link: Teddy Fitzhugh
Link: Brownswood Recordings

Following his exploits on the Talkin' Loud label (where he signed a diverse array of artists including 4Hero, Galliano, Reprazent and Nu Yorican Soul), Gilles Peterson more recently dispatched Digital Mystikz's Mala to Havana so that he could collaborate with a selection of Cuban musicians. This has been documented as Mala In Cuba: a project that, marking its landmark status, will be getting the lavish box set treatment.

A four vinyl release on 180g vinyl (plus download code) will come packaged with artwork designed by &A&K [who previously handled the beautiful sleeve of 2010's Return II Space]. The evocative photography by Teddy Fitzhugh helps give a sense of Mala's journey and capably moves dubstep away from the old gritty aesthetic associated with nocturnal London to something that's a bit more Buena Vista Social Club.

3 September 2012

Illum Sphere - 'Birthday/808ER' sleeve by ARPA/Roger Ballen

Link: Roger Ballen
Link: Illum Sphere
Link: Young Turks
Link: Hoya Hoya

Out today on digital and later this month as just 500 12" copies is the new offering from Illum Sphere a.k.a. Hoya:Hoya's Ryan Hunn. If you happen to live in Manchester, then you might be more aware than most of this producer's long-standing interest in the combination of music and art - given that, prior to his more recent activities, he was found at the helm of its Sketch City nights. This latest work subsequently builds on that plus the Young Turks label's commitment to quality vinyl manufacturing to deliver a sleeve with "interchangeable artwork". Presented in collaboration with ARPA Design and respected South Africa-based photographer Roger Ballen, there is said to be no heirarchy between the two images - reflecting the release's lack of an A or B side. Both, like Hunn's idiosyncratic output, are totally intriguing.

30 August 2012

Nathan Fake - Steam Days artwork and poster by Jack Featherstone

Link: Jack Featherstone
Link: Border Community

Last week's marathon House Party event on Channel 4 paired up a succession of taste-maker DJs with video artists. However, it seemed to reaffirm that club culture struggles as a spectator sport. Some of the VJing  didn't help with any kind of reassessment either - particularly given that much of the visual work resorted to the tired imagery that's already accompanied at least 44,000 Ibiza-oriented compilations. The dancefloor experience was too easily reduced to some animated gifs of speakers and rotating headphone-clad people.

A notable exception was Jack Featherstone who took an interesting and far less literal approach that did more to illustrate the abstract communicative abilities of sound. Which is unsurprising given his output: the latest of which follows on from the series of 12" singles he prepared for the Border Community label.

Contextualizing Nathan Fake's upcoming Steam Days long-player, Featherstone appears to touch on an area that has previously been visited by Andy Gilmore and Michael Cina: courtesy of the construction of a complex, overlapping geometric image. In this case, though, it has resulted in a hypnotic, vortex-like arrangement of light that is perhaps as dazzling as Fake's productions. Released next week on double vinyl, CD and download, there is also a limited edition A2 print of the artwork that's currently available to pre-order at bleep.com.

29 August 2012

Club Cheval & Brodinski - 'Bromance #3' artwork by Viktor Hachmang

Link Viktor Hachmang
Link: Bromance

For the French love-in that is Brodinski and Club Cheval's third release for the former's Bromance label, the artwork depicts similar visual influences to those that have defined the Club Cheval-affliated Marble Music. Created by Holland's Viktor Hachmang - an illustrator whose work can often employ the post-modernist motifs associated with Memphis Group members like George Sowden - this contemporary work is one that owes a debt to Barney Bubbles. In this case its the kind of style used for Bubbles' technical drawing-based sleeve for Ian Dury's 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick' and it is one that additionally features what would have been self-reverential details that relate to the graphic designer of the late 1970s and early 1980s. But, while it may be something of a pastiche, it's obviously something with a real fondness for the era it evokes.

Meanwhile, for a more in-depth approximation of Barney Bubbles' output and influence, Paul Gorman's book comes highly recommended. You'll find that available via this link: Reasons to be Cheerful: The Life and Work of Barney Bubbles.

28 August 2012

Marc Romboy and Ken Ishii - 'Taiyo' artwork by Hort

Link: Hort 
Link: Systematic Recordings

It may signify a collaboration between two techno heavyweights, but Hort's artwork for Marc Romboy and Ken Ishii avoids all the machine-based visual cliches in favour of something more sensual. The release, on Systematic Recordings, comes with a poster/print that also offsets a stark yellow and black text area with more detailed black and white photography.

24 August 2012

Jessie Ware art direction by Kate Moross

Link: Studio Moross
Link: Jessie Ware

Those people thinking that they have the measure of designer Kate Moross after encountering her earliest illustrated text, day-glo colour palettes and geometric patterns might be surprised by her restrained art direction for, singer, Jessie Ware. But then - from Simian Mobile Disco's recurring circle motifs to the art deco aesthetic she devised for Fenech-Soler - Moross is far from being a one trick pony.

This latest campaign (including the singles that preceded, album, Devotion) has been typified by an elegant, balanced approach with some lovely detailing. Meanwhile the creative's playfulness has been demonstrated in new, innovative ways: including the interactive billboard that, while undoubtedly fun, still managed to stay true to Ware's sophisticated image.

16 August 2012

M.I.A. - 'Bad Girls' USB

Link: M.I.A.

Picking up on the car theme that was explored on Romain Gavras' astounding video, M.I.A. has put out the remixes of 'Bad Girls' on a limited edition gold-plated key shaped USB. Available only in the US and retailing at $50, they come suspended from a ½” gold colored snake chain. The 2GB capacity includes audio content boasting production by Danja, Switch, and Leo Justi plus guest vocals from Missy Elliott, Azealia Banks and Rye Rye.

The packshots, meanwhile, utilise the culture clashing, almost anti-designer aesthetic that has typified the artist's artwork for almost ten years.

26 July 2012

Daphni - JIAOLONG artwork by Jane Eastlight

Link: Jane Eastlight
Link: Caribou

Ever enticing, Dan Snaith now moves on from being known as Manitoba and, more recently, as Caribou to air his Daphni guise for a proper long-player. Coming on double vinyl, CD and digital in October, JIAOLONG demonstrates his dancefloor leanings and features visuals from Jane Eastlight.

After also putting together a video for 'Ye Ye' (the track Snaith submitted for his split single with Four Tet), Eastlight's been developing a hypnotic concept seemingly based around lighting effects and repetition: an apt direction for what is one of this year's most anticipated club-oriented albums.



18 July 2012

Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes artwork by Stephen Serrato & B+

Link: Warp 
Link: Stephen Serrato
Link: B+

The new album from Flying Lotus - featuring guest appearances from Erykah Badu, Laura Darlington, Niki Randa, Thundercat & Thom Yorke - is set for release on October 1st via Warp Records. The artwork has just been revealed and it's designed by Stephen Serrato (who did the Reset EP). Although this time he has been working with some stunning photography by the lauded LA-based B+.

16 July 2012

Tame Impala - Lonerism by Leif Podhajsky and Kevin Parker

Link: Leif Podhajsky
Link: Modular

The new album from, Perth-based psychedelic rockers, Tame Impala features artwork, once again, from Leif Podhajsky. Following his previous sleeves for the band, this latest [coming after the 'Apocalypse Dreams' single and, debut album, Innerspeaker] is in collaboration with, frontman, Kevin Parker.

Interestingly, the Modular label has also chosen this point to crowdsource ideas about what should constitute a future deluxe version of the release. Defining this process as 'choosing your own adventure', the company asks:

"Do you want a bonus rare seven inch? Do you want a poster of some gazelles? Do you want a lock of Kev's hair?"

Answers can be submitted here. "All genuine offers will be considered."

11 July 2012

Flying Lotus vinyl reissues

Link: Bleep

Following the Sony/PIAS warehouse fire during last year's riots, all of Warp's stock was reported as destroyed. There was also the suggestion that many of the releases would not be re-pressed. However that physical back-catalogue has just expanded with the reissuing of four Flying Lotus vinyl releases.

Both FlyLo's Los Angeles and Cosmogramma albums are available again (complete with their artwork respectively by Build/Timothy Saccenti and Leigh J. McCloskey). Additionally 'Pattern+Grid World' (with its sleeve illustration by Theo Ellsworth) and the 'Reset EP' (Stephen Serrato and Seth Ferris) are now also up on Bleep.com.


2 July 2012

Forward Strategy Group - Labour Division packaging by Adult Art Club

Link: Adult Art Club
Link: Perc Trax

Released by the Perc Trax label is the Labour Division album by Forward Strategy Group. The CD version fits neatly in a metal tin - hinting the recordings' industrial edge - with a full colour, four page booklet designed by Adult Art Club. The cover additionally has a tough aesthetic with its suspended, brutally sliced classical statue perhaps evoking the dream-like work of Giorgio de Chirico.

Wallzo's sleeve for Hot Chip's Ready for the Floor long-player also seemed to touch on the same artist's imagery although this, with it's ominous - maybe apocalyptic - landscape, is somewhat darker whilst all that concrete-like grittiness is offset nicely by Adult Art Club's more minimal detailing.