3 September 2012

Illum Sphere - 'Birthday/808ER' sleeve by ARPA/Roger Ballen

Link: Roger Ballen
Link: Illum Sphere
Link: Young Turks
Link: Hoya Hoya

Out today on digital and later this month as just 500 12" copies is the new offering from Illum Sphere a.k.a. Hoya:Hoya's Ryan Hunn. If you happen to live in Manchester, then you might be more aware than most of this producer's long-standing interest in the combination of music and art - given that, prior to his more recent activities, he was found at the helm of its Sketch City nights. This latest work subsequently builds on that plus the Young Turks label's commitment to quality vinyl manufacturing to deliver a sleeve with "interchangeable artwork". Presented in collaboration with ARPA Design and respected South Africa-based photographer Roger Ballen, there is said to be no heirarchy between the two images - reflecting the release's lack of an A or B side. Both, like Hunn's idiosyncratic output, are totally intriguing.

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