2 November 2012

Karenn/The Analogue Cops - 'Studio 3/OCPLX1' by Give Up Art and Shaun Bloodworth

Link: Give Up Art
Link: Shaun Bloodworth
Link: The Green Series
Link: Bleep.com

Following up 2009's North/South/East/West project, Bleep.com has again collaborated with the formidable team of, design company, Give Up Art and, photographer, Shaun Bloodworth. Again fusing artwork and music, 'The Green Series' has made its pre-order debut with a split techno-oriented single from Karenn (a.k.a. producers Pariah and Blawan) and The Analogue Cops (Marieu and Lucretio).

The standard version for this release is already pretty special - with its die-cut sleeve, embossing and hand-stamped details - yet there is additionally a numbered deluxe edition that additionally comes with two high quality art prints signed by Bloodworth. Both versions include MP3 versions that will be delivered on, release date, 19th November. Neither are going to be around for long: the pressing is limited to 100 copies of the deluxe vinyl available and a further 500 of the standard version.

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