13 August 2010

Wooden "music"

Following on from the last post, I thought I'd gather together some examples of music formats or hardware replicated in other, supposedly unplayable materials. The following are all wood interpretations with the first being the cover for The Wire's Undercurrents book which was designed by Non-Format (whose record covers I previously referenced).

Images two and three document the 2008 work of artist Elisa Strinna as featured on Inti Gueurrero. In a fashion, these do actually play.

"A series of thin slices of wood are cut from different types of tree trunks, which are later sanded down to a certain thickness as to resemble LP vinyls. When played, the trunk’s rings, which mark the life cycles of the tree, are translated into sound. The abstract sound produced is an utterance of the cultural translation of nature’s History"

Image four is a heat transfer on wood that's sold via, U.S. interiors site, Bughouse and number five is the artwork for µ-Ziq's 1995 album, In Pine Effect. The final three pictures feature the various formats for Money Mark's Brand New By Tomorrow from 2007 although the wooden items themselves were created in 2003 by Todd St. John and Gary Benzel of Hunter Gatherer.

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