14 August 2010

MIMEO - Lifting Concrete Lightly by Bravo Charlie Mike Hotel

From http://www.bcmh.co.uk/

"As part of a wider commission for the Serpentine Gallery we were asked to design the identity for a new record label called Sound at the Serpentine that the gallery was launched with Lifting Concrete Lightly by MIMEO as its first release. MIMEO (Music In Movement Electronic Orchestra) is an ensemble of 12 of EuropeÍs leading electronic music specialists including Kaffe Matthews and Christian Fennesz.

The album is a 3-hour recording of a unique performance in the Oscar Niemeyer pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery when the group used a range of instruments and the architectural environment to produce the work. Taking a physical and instinctive approach to digital music in their performance we decided to embrace a similar spirit in the design by having the CD engraved with the group's name and then photographed for the album's cover."

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