24 August 2010


Tash forwarded an email that called for poster designs as part of the Un-Convention conference/festival that comes to Salford in October. There were guidelines concerning the text that needed to be included although complete freedom was offered regarding the imagery.

I decided to quickly submit one based on an idea I'd jotted down in a current sketchbook. It's a continuation of ideas surrounding unplayable media, format destruction, music as 'product' and the fetishization of music hardware.

The organisers will be selecting some to be screen printed by the lovely people at Hotbed Press so I wanted to ensure that the design was simple enough so that, should it be chosen, it would allow for the three colour process to add that additional detail. [I thought it would look good should the grey be printed silver. Maybe on an off-white or pale grey stock.] Anyway, we'll see...

Meanwhile I may be doing something else as part of Un-Convention. I'm just waiting for details/confirmation.


  1. Like this Danny - should look great screen printed...