22 August 2010

LoAF music packaging

I referenced this series in a general post about Non-Format's work but this really deserves to be mentioned seperately too.

These LoAF releases boast a strong unified aesthetic despite including a variety of different formats and individual artwork. The combination of materials is great in creating the impression of a lo-fi, hand-assembled artefact that turns out to be more of a 'pack' than an individual music release. Plus, aside from the designers' own excellent input, the whole project from the Lo Recordings offshoot is a considered attempt to commission new imagery by other illustrators/artists to compliment particular pieces of music.

More info at http://www.l-o-a-f.com/


Music packaging


3" CDs, 5" CDs or 7" vinyl accompanied by art
prints by various artists and image-makers.
Items are enclosed in a sealed plastic documents
envelope attached to a grey board cut to 12" or
16.5" formats, and then silkscreen overprinted.

LoAF01 – Music: Vincent Oliver. Art: Ivan Zouravliov
LoAF02 – Music: Motohiro Nakashima. Art: Sergei Sviatchenko
LoAF03 – Music: Charlie Alex March. Art: Yokoland
LoAF04 – Music: Spectac. Art: Manuel Schibli
LoAF05 – Music: Barbed. Art: Paul Winstanley
LoAF06 – Music: Vincent Oliver. Art: Ivan Zouravliov
LoAF07 – Music: Gavouna. Art: Athanasios Argianas
LoAF08 – Music: Batfinks. Art: Hellovon
LoAF09 – Music: Charlie Alex March. Art: Yokoland
LoAF10 – Music: The Lonesomes. Art: Alan Smithee
LoAF11 – Music: Andrea’s Kit. Art: Grandpeople
LoAF12 – Music: Kid Twist. Art: Sam Weber

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