13 August 2010

Indigo's painted record

This item was spotted on a forum devoted to collectable vinyl. I like how the accompanying text simultaneously takes the piss out of the muso-like craving for rarities and yet it still demonstrates the emotional attachment that we can have to objects. And aesthetically? Well, if this was a proper release by Sonic Youth, Radiohead or Tortoise, people would be fighting over it. I already think it's brilliant.

"Here it is! The Devil's Most Prized Record!!! So RARE! A limited edition of ONE!!! Unplayable brown SPRAY PIANT colored vinyl with hand drawn SKULL graphics and signed by the artist himself, my son Indigo!!! This record means more to me than any other record in my collection. It has hung on my wall since my boy did this for me several years ago. He must have been about 5 or 6 or so years old or so when he did it. This one will stay with me FOREVER!!! Jealous? I know you are..."

Also not to be confused with the picture disc, I've spotted a wide range of other artists that have been using vinyl as their canvas. I'll post some of those subsequently unplayable works in due course.

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