10 August 2010

Hard Format

"It seems like everybody’s talking about the end of physical music
media. Who knows whether they’re right or not, but Hard Format is a
little place we’ve set up to celebrate our love of brilliant
music-related design. That means we’re going to focus on records, CDs,
cassettes and their like. However, Hard Format isn’t intended to become
a dusty museum devoted exclusively to past glories, though there’ll
certainly be some of that, we also want to highlight the brilliant new
design work being produced right now. In fact, we’re not setting
ourselves up to supply a canon of classic design - this is a place
where we record stuff we like, if you want yet another reproduction of
Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band there are enough ‘Greatest
album covers of all time’ books out there already."

Hard Format is a collection and study of the design and art of physical music media and it's packaging. Not just another collection of album covers on the Internet, Hard Format embodies a love for the music-related design of CDs, cassettes and vinyl.

I specifically like the material that moves away from the supposed restrictions of the traditional format but then I can also recount how some of my own music purchases - such as Mo Wax and Spiritualized releases - would be a little annoying as they wouldn't be easily stored due to their increased size. Shop-bought CD racks, for example, never had the capacity for 'deluxe' editions.

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