12 August 2010

The Return Of Liner Notes: Scion Releases Album As Booklet

From: PSFK
Date: 11/06/10

Scion A/V is releasing a new album called Blu Jemz’ Night People, featuring Turntable Lab Radio’s Blu Jemz along with The Hardy Boyz, Mobroder and several other artists. The launch is unique as there is no music CD or physical media involved; instead, they have put together a booklet with extensive liner notes and a link to download the songs. Liner notes, rarely featured in music releases now, are usually printed on the inside of an album and contain information about the artists, lyrics and some anecdotes about the album. Blu Jemz said that with re-introducing liner notes, they hope to bring back the excitement it brought to an album.

The booklet is designed by Japanese illustrator Rimo, and is limited to only 1000 copies.

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