10 August 2010

Fabrice Lig - Genesis of a Deep Sound

Compared to some of the more luxurious packaging I've posted, the artwork for techno producer Fabrice Lig's Genesis of a Deep Sound long-player might be seen as fairly standard. A collaborative effort by Edit (creative production) and Sawdust (art direction and design) with photography by Andrew Moore [who supplied visuals from his book Detroit Disassembled], it does feature a really nice inlay, 180 gr vinyl and two locked grooves.

What especially drew me to it is how it seems to follow on from Paul Rand's Mechanized Mules of Victory project [bottom two images]. I'm not sure if this is coincidental but Rand created a book that looked at what the American car industry was doing for the war effort while Moore's photographs highlight the dereliction of that same industry after the Second World War. On a more basic level, the use of yellow and black also links these two projects.

I'd like to think that one has had an influence on the other but then I'm quite happy for them to be linked by accident too.

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