13 August 2010

Tal Brosh - Less Is Less/Less Isn't More

Amy reminded me about Tal Brosh's work and, in particular, forwarded me a link to Less Is Less and Less Isn't More: projects that explored design concepts based around developments in music distribution. I think Brosh's stance was that the download was a potential threat to both visual music accompaniment and traditional listening practices. This was highlighted throughout a broad range of work.

More work at http://www.talbrosh.com/

From Less Is Less:
"Although to begin with the album was almost an arbitrary model, its journey as the carrier of music over the past 60 years has shaped our consciousness as a social and cultural object. 'Less Is ' is a large-scale book that illustrates different aspects of the album decline in the digital age, using engaging visuals to create a certain rhythm and playful narrative."
From Less Isn't More:
"The nature of digital music and ‘per song’ marketing has resulted in a dramatic transformation of the single market in the past six years.
In the information age unlimited availability makes consumers more likely to get fastidious but what does this ‘cherry picking’ do to the music and the way we precieve it? This book offers a visual represetation to the way we listen to music these days."

There's also a further Tal Brosh project that is an experimental music packaging project that takes a concept in some really interesting directions. While I'm looking at the subject from a different standpoint, the more destructive methods used are especially interesting to me right now.

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