10 August 2010

Warp20 box set

I mentioned the supposed ubiquity of particular designers to releases by specific labels earlier when noting what Vaughan Oliver is to 4AD and Peter Saville is to Factory. Last year's Warp20 artwork is a bit of an anomaly as it wasn't created by the intrinsically linked Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic. Instead YES did a very fine job of packaging a selection of must-have material from the seminal Warp Records. Everything from those esoteric images to the splashes of purple to the often subtle introduction of text is in keeping with representations throughout the label's 20 year history. [The inclusion of 'locked grooves' on the vinyl also has personal appeal as it is about using a format for its potential capabilities rather than just being a nod to sentimentality.]

While these editions sold out quickly, the mobius band-based photographic work (by Dan Holdsworth) has since been released as four collectible prints in an edition of 100. Price £65 each or £250 for the set. Music not included.

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