26 August 2010

Various Artists - MVSICA by Sawdust

From: Creative Review
Date: 10/02/10
By: Gavin Lucas

MVSICA – a limited edition CD compilation of down tempo music by various techno producers. Limited to just 200 copies, the package, designed by Sawdust and printed by Generation Press - comes with a plastic tiddlywink so you can (if you wish) scratch off the gold latex panels that cover all text on the CD pack...

"Because it's a down tempo compilation by purists within the techno genre, the packaging was designed to reflect that," explains designer Rob Gonzales. "It's aesthetically minimal throughout from cover to CD. There isn't even a disc tray within, only a button to keep the CD in place." Label: Fine Art Recordings

[Sawdust also did the Fabrice Lig packaging that was posted previously.]

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