19 August 2010

Ian Wright - Printed Records

Originally known for his tribal-like illustrations for Straight No Chaser magazine's jazz-oriented favourites, Ian Wright's more recent work has explored the use of the pixel while building iconic images out of everything from badges to mascaras.

I was looking for an image that I remember seeing a while ago that employed the use of a TDK blank cassette but I couldn't find it. However, what I did find was these prints created by inking up records which, after seeing Tal Brosh's use of vinyl to emboss, was something I was going to attempt.

"Playfulness is important to me; I’m motivated by trying to push my work somewhere new. Somewhere else. Really, I’m interested in what could be. I sometimes reach that point by making mistakes and generally misusing technology and I often arrive at solutions by accident. I prefer to let the materials I use influence the outcome. I especially enjoy making portraits and I’m excited by the process of collaboration. I love conversation. I’m obsessed by music. I’m looking forward to what happens next."

Illustrator Ian Wright

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