14 August 2010

The Future of Album Art

From: PSFK
Date: 16/04/08

While old-style album artwork is drawing its last breath, digital album art is taking on a life of its own. As Wired reported last year, there are a number of designers bringing advanced digital techniques to the operating table—online contests, liner-note fly-throughs and DVD-style menus, for example. George White Warner Music Group’s senior VP of strategy and product development, said:

“We’ve been looking at a few technologies (for digital album art), and have been trying to bring these to Apple, to encourage them to bring that level of experience to the iPod,” says White. “A very simple demonstration that we’ve done takes the Gnarls Barkley liner notes and does a fly-through (using Adobe Flash Lite). You’re actually moving through the lyrics and artwork. It’s sort of like a theme park ride through the album. It’s really, really cool-looking on an iPod.”

More recently, Wired pointed to a blog from London-based graphic designer Phil Clandillon called Sleevelessness, which documents and explores the changing role of graphic design and the web in promoting music. Clandillon recently pointed out the widget for Radiohead’s In Rainbows and Justice’s video for “DVNO”.

Now we’re noticing artists on MySpace using animated artwork to gain attention on the over-satured site. Zeegisbreathing points us to a band called Discovery (a side project from one of the members of Vampire Weekend) that is using a psychedelic flash-coded cover to stand out. @&*$*rw*#&we(@@#@…. Woah, sorry, we think we just had a seizure.

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