18 August 2010

Warp.net redesign by Universal Everything

Warp has proved to be pioneering in the shift from more traditional media to the web. Its Bleep.com is a quality purveyor of forward-thinking music while Warp Records' own label site has been through a variety of different phases.

Previously Warp.net pushed an esoteric aesthetic perhaps in tandem with some of its potentially more difficult electronic listening material. However last year's redesign by Matt Pyke of Universal Everything brought in a more streamlined approach that reflects where the label is now: where its acclaimed independent film output is featured alongside a roster that has broadened well beyond its techno and electronica foundations. One important aspect was to increase the focus on the embedded media player while continuing the use of colour coded sections: a design mainstay throughout its various incarnations. Although this time it is a touch more subtle and the largely monochrome scheme only highlights the individual artwork from the various releases.

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