11 August 2010

This wouldn't have happened on iTunes

Both Dave and I spotted this on the CR Blog yesterday: a Soho record store dumped a load of vinyl in a skip. Subsequently this prompted one of the biggest bargain bins the Capital has seen.

However, I watched the video and felt a little bit sad. Firstly because all of that specialist jazz and classical music was thrown-out so unceremoniously [due to the shop itself undergoing a refurbishment]. I'm sure that another retailer or a committed collector could have offered it all a more appropriate home. Plus vinyl can also be recycled. But the thing that really got me was how undiscerning the crowd appears to be. Sure, some people appear to be sifting through it as if they're looking for something specific, but generally it feels like a bit of a melee where the material is grabbed with little discrimination. It smacks of its desirability being dictated by vinyl's assumed collectability rather than any need to hear the music itself.

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