11 August 2010

Music stamps

The Royal Mail stamps unveiled at the beginning of the year received a significant amount of coverage. These depicted the artwork from ten British albums released between 1969 to 2002 and featured a vinyl disc slipping out from each cover.

This might seem particularly contemporary [even despite featuring Coldplay] yet these pale against the stamps pictured at the bottom which were issued in Bhutan. These miniature flexidisc stamps from 1972 could actually be peeled off a letter by its receiver and played on a record player. You can hear a sample of a recording via this link.

I'm referencing it here as an example of the difference between music as the medium and the album artwork working as the revered means of communication.

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  1. Hi Danny,

    If you need to look at or borrow the set of stamps talked about above - let me know (I bought them as a momento of my report for Chris Rivlins class)

    They are a great piece of design memorabilia.