9 August 2010

Gig posters by Telegramme

More examples of the effort that is being put into devising eye-catching gig posters. These are by the formerly Cornwall and Bristol but now London-based duo that operates as Telegramme. [Other exponents of quality gig posters that I should reference quickly are Sonnenzimmer's Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi plus the very influential Jay Ryan. There are also hundreds of lesser known practitioners featured at www.gigposters.com]

I particularly like the way that Telegramme have managed to focus on location for their Arctic Monkeys series: taking design inspiration from where the gig is set to take place. Although, for me, the colour use and addition of intricate pattern does recount some of Shepard Fairey's output. Style-wise, I'm more attracted by the Mum piece that boasts the kind of tesselated structure that has also drawn me to some of the work by Siggi Eggertsson and Andy Gilmore.

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