5 August 2010

Kitsune x Ponystep / Album cover photoshoot

To illustrate what I was saying in the previous post about the context changing due to advances in technology, it is worth referencing the campaign for the latest project by French label Kitsune. The album cover here is something that has been devised as 'packaging' yet it also has to exist elsewhere. And not just as the iTunes thumnail either.

Kitsune x Ponystep is also previewed with a video uploaded to YouTube. This demonstrates the process involved in capturing the images via a photoshoot. Yet this has additional advantages by using sample music from the release and also highlights Kitsune's own fashion range. This may not be an appropriate solution for other labels or releases yet it is something that has been previewed when communicated via email newsletters, social networking and blogs. Subsequently it hints at what can be achieved when individuals are not restricted by traditional ideas regarding what constitutes music artwork.

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