10 January 2011

Worst Album Artwork

Following on from all the discussion of the best packaging, there have also been a number of lists highlighting the supposedly piss-poor artwork that emerged last year.

Some overlap with entries on the 'best of' lists [Kings of Leon with that Desdemona-like font and murky palm trees, Anthony Ausgang's trippy cartoon for MGMT] but a variety of different sources selected Jeff Beck's Emotion and Commotion - featuring an image that couldn't be any more flag-wavingly American if it tried. Still, it's seriously classy when you compare it to some time-honoured examples such as the infamous Millie Jackson cover which I've placed, rather aptly, at the bottom.

For even more vintage terrible sleeves, there is also a cheap book available.
Link: Nick DiFonzo - Seriously Bad Album Covers!

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