12 January 2011

14 Tracks from Planet Mu

Link: Ben Curzon
Link: 14 Tracks From Planet Mu

The new 14 Tracks from Planet Mu compilation features photography from Hilary Walker with design by Ben Curzon. The latter also devised that explosive motif that has graced the label's single releases and, previous collection, The Mu School: a really striking identity that has unified disparate releases from a roster of highly individual music makers.

As he puts it:

Planet Mu Records required an identifiable and expandable design system for an indefinitely numbered release schedule series of 12” singles. The design also needed to be simple and iconic to work equally effectively as small thumbnail images on digital download stores such as their own webstore at www.planet.mu and Bleep.com. A simple flash-like motif was created to display the key information of each release (Artist, Title, catalogue number and RPM). The structure remains identical, with colour changes and photography identifying each release...

The flash motif became so synonymous and immediately recognisable as part of the brand, it was applied to T-shirts, embroidered onto hooded tops, record bags and printed turntable slipmats.

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