15 January 2011

Broadcast artwork

Link: Broadcast
Link: Ghost Box Records

The pairing-up of Broadcast with Intro designer Julian House produced some startlingly original artwork. Rather than just being part of some 'job' that shifted from pitch to Mac to invoice, there was a sense that House was completely immersed in Broadcast's output right from the issuing of 2000's The Noise Made By People release. Yet there was evidence of a mutual admiration that manifested via further collaborations. Such as when the Warp act performed an improvised soundtrack to a short film made by the designer and, of course, those subsequent sleeves.

The relationship was further cemented when House launched the Ghost Box label: a lovingly crafted outlet that has followed a similarly haunted approach to Broadcast's own music; where experimentalism has met the kind of lost sounds more usually found on dusty old library records. In fact, following the passing of Broadcast's Trish Keenan yesterday, Ghost Box stated that the band was its "central and primary influence". What's left now is a legacy of beautiful audio/visual work that should continue to inspire for years to come.

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