28 January 2011

Ranta Lewis Plank - Mu

Link: Boomkat

Housed in a luxurious linen box and limited to just 300 copies (Vinyl) and 500 copies (CD) - these amazing recordings from 1970 feature unbelievable material from seminal engineer and Kraftwerk producer Conny Plank alongside noted percussionists Michael Ranta and Mike Lewis, complete with a 16-page booklet translated to English, German and Dutch by Belgium's Metaphon label.

Hailed as "a masterpiece" by Nurse With Wound's Steven Stapleton, 'Mu' was recorded at Conny Plank's studio only a few months after the legendary Wired session which ended up on Deutsche Grammofon's Free Improvisation boxset in 1974. Limited only by the length of the tapes available, the trio created the four sections of 'Mu' in one night and mixed the whole album down the following morning, showcasing a masterful handling of freeform sonic abstractions and sublimely minimal psychedelic improvisations.

Their music is suspended in a timeless, spiritually resonant space, connecting threads and fragments of purely esoteric sonics into an organic matrix of otherworldly shapes and aural apparations, Plank using the studio as an instrument restricted only by the very outer bounds of possibility, imagination, and his own unquestionable talent. The results are genuinely breathtaking, delivering one of the most visceral, abstract and engrossing Krautrock experiences imaginable. We urge you to grab one of these beautiful editions while you can.

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