18 January 2011

Moritz von Oswald Trio - 'Restructure 2'

Link: Honest Jons

With a restrained design by Will Bankhead (for the always excellent Honest Jons label), the famously Basic Channel-linked Moritz van Oswald Trio has its 'Restructure 2' currently available. Additionally, there's a rework by Mala on the B-side.

"This new stepper swells out of thin air like a monstrous child of Krautrock. Immense and minimal, twelve minutes of propulsive groove is overlain with the blues abstraction of Tikiman's guitar, the swing and effects of Marc Muellbauer's double bass, Delay's digressive steel percussion, and the otherworldly keys of Loderbauer and von Oswald.

With characteristic intensity, Mala's rebuild ratchets up the drama and dread. A mounting barrage of bleeps rains down on a vicious, clopping drum pattern and red-alert synths, with transfixing bass."

Mala is of course integral to, dubstep doyens, Digital Mystikz whose 2010 Return II Space album also featured some pretty elegant artwork.

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