22 January 2011

Demdike Stare - Tryptych by Andy Votel

Link: Modern Love

I really like Andy Votel. His enthusiasm is tireless but always stops short of exhausting. He's the only person that's ever insisted that I buy a particular record while personally offering a money back guarantee should I not completely fall in love with it. I really admire how he's completely submerged in music and design and film and art yet is still driven by the passion to find something new. Even when that 'new' turns out to be something so old and so obscure that even the creator of the work isn't aware that it ever existed.

So to his work for Demdike Stare that follows on from his sleeves for Twisted Nerve, Grand Central, XL Recordings and Finders Keepers. The latter re-issue label is obviously one of Votel's own babies but it is also one that relies on input from Sean Canty - one half of Demdike Stare. With Miles Whittaker of Pendle Coven and MLZ, he released a trio of occult-dabbling drone and dub-oriented sonic curiosities that have now been collected together (with bonus material) for Tryptych. Votel supplies the bewitching artwork. And I'm especially loving the ouija board that was first spotted on 'Forest of Evil'.

Amazon link: Tryptych

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