2 July 2011

Richard Eigner - Denoising Field Recordings sleeve by Hans Renzler

Link: Wald Entertainment
Released: 2009

Denoising Field Recordings documents an early attempt at using denoising-techniques in a creative and compositional manner. Instead of utilising noise-reduction-algorithms for their intended purpose (the restoration of damaged audio signals), these processes are applied to various field recordings of trains, streets, swimming halls and public transport. Due to the fact that these recordings consist entirely of noises this operation transforms the originals into an uncanny hybrid of newly introduced processing artefacts, occasional silence and sporadically audible traces of the original field recordings. What kind of sound-aesthetics can emerge while denoising field recordings? Which audible parameters are able to resist this »audio-erasement-process«? How are these traces comparable to the visual remanences of Robert Rauschenberg’s erasure of a de Kooning drawing?

Denoising Field Recordings is released as a limited edition of see-through 12" vinyl with an intruiging white-on-white cover [printed exclusively with varnish] designed by Hans Renzler.

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