24 June 2011

Mark Bradford - Pinocchio is on Fire

From: White Cube
Link: Pinocchio is on Fire

'Pinocchio Is On Fire' is a limited edition, vinyl LP that features a recording of the artist speaking in the guise of a quick-witted performer who is being interviewed for a fictional radio programme.

Interspersed with a funk/soul soundtrack, Bradford’s entertainer is a combination of Pinocchio and Teddy Pendergrass, the legendary soul singer of the 1970s, whose stage persona was one of exaggerated heterosexuality. His image was destabilised after he was involved in a car accident with his passenger, who was a transsexual model. Bradford conflates the narratives of Pinocchio and Teddy, and introduces aspects of his own autobiography to create a third character, at the heart of which is a social, ethnic and cultural absence, which Bradford compares to ‘that moment of finding the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain’.

Edition of 150
Vinyl Record
Ø 12 in. (Ø 30.5 cm), 26.13 mins

£ 200.00 +VAT

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