3 April 2012

For The Record #5: Jeroen Erosie

Link: Jeroen Erosie
Link: 3024world
Link: The Designers Republic
Link: Autechre 

Co-running the brilliant 3024 label with Martyn, Jeroen Erosie also maintains a career as a lauded street artist. Recently bringing the two together through a series of beautifully chaotic collage-like sleeves for the likes of Mosca, Redshape, Julio Bashmore, Addison Groove and Jon Convex, he reveals that his own favourite record cover is the minimal/maximal solution by The Designers Republic for Autechre's Tri Repetae.

"Plain from the outside," he observes, "visually linked to the music on the inside: it made a big impression when I first saw and heard this. And still does. It seems it all came from the same weird planet, so consistent and subtle."

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