13 April 2012

Can - The Lost Tapes artwork by Julian House

Link: Julian House
Link: Mute

Following his sleeve for Clark's Iradelphic on Warp, Ghost Box and Intro creative Julian House builds on his imagery for Can's Sacrilege remix package with artwork for the band's highly anticipated The Lost Tapes.

Due for release by Mute in June, this box set of rarities from the Krautrock pioneers looks like it will boast a visual aesthetic derived from House's 'pulp' influences. In this case, these seem to be based around the music as artefact with details that play with the pseudo-scientific and retro-futuristic graphics associated with recordable analogue media. There is currently just the one image available, but - with finished copies being a three CD set - we might expect to see this pre-aged lo-fi style explored much further.

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