27 February 2012

Archers of Loaf - Vee Vee re-issue by Jay Ryan

Link: Merge Records
Link: Jay Ryan
When Merge Records opted to re-issue a number of recordings by Archers of Loaf, the label discovered that most of the accompanying artwork had been lost. But this mishap presented an opportunity to re-master, or at least re-imagine, the covers with, poster artist, Jay Ryan stepping forward to present his own vision of 1995's Vee Vee [pictured bottom].

The update [pictured top] was out last week and sees the original model succumbing to Ryan's doodling. Two other albums by the band - White Trash Heroes and All the Nation's Airports - are to have new artwork commissioned for release later in the year.

While the project isn't typified by the kind of artwork that gets me really excited [although I've long admired Ryan's illustration style], it's good to see that there is the potential to re-contextualise back-catalogue releases for new audiences. Previously there was Alex Trochut providing a typography-based deluxe edition of The Rolling Stones' Rolled Gold but, in general, the practice is still something more closely associated with the books market.

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  1. Great illustration - took a second to get more info about it on the web, and then I found your blog - thanks.