15 March 2012

For The Record #4: Timothy Saccenti

Link: Timothy SaccentiLink: Skam Records
Link: Boards of Canada

Award-winning video maker and photographer Timothy Saccenti has been responsible for some great music imagery. The New York-based talent counts album art for Flying Lotus' Los Angeles and the upcoming Man Made Machine by Motor amongst his beautifully evocative output. That said, his lens has additionally captured the likes of Pharrell Williams, Erykah Badu, LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective, Tricky, Arctic Monkeys and Usher. Asked to select a sleeve that he admires, Saccenti chose a 1996 release from Boards of Canada.

"The mysterious sleeves of the mid 1990’s still fascinate me," he says. "An all time favourite would be the Skam issue of the the 'Hi Scores EP'. I think that was a perfect match of the intentions of the artist being represented by the sleeve. Putting the music first, the simple text, the immediately identifiable turquoise colour scheme and also the genius move of having the information being printed as Braille left me baffled and excited. It made the listening process all the more intense. A prefect mix of mystery and emotion. Oh, and the music was fairly mind-blinding as well. Which never hurts."

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  1. I agree, having this release both in vinyl and CD format. SKAM have always made the visual/material element a priority, as is the music from that label. This one is indeed brilliant.